Random thoughts, I’ve read many articles on cheating, personality disorders ect.  There was an article that states men learn from their fathers how to treat the opposite sex.  So, males who fathers openly cheat and are abusive physically, emotionally or pyschloggically to their significant others are teaching there male children to so the same. Mothers who allow this behavior teach the child it is acceptable. Children also learn if lying is acceptable at a very young age set by the parents acceptance or disapline of the child. In a healthy environment children are taught how and why lying and deviant behavior is not tolerated.  Those children whose parents do not provide a healthy, secure environment for their children end up with their now adult children exhibiting behavioral issues learned  from infantry through adolescents.  These behaviors for most are unchangeable by adult age.  This is no excuse for their behavior because anyone can change unhealthy hurtful habits but, by adult hood most are to comfortable with these behavior s. Many are sadistic and enjoy them.  Parenting is the hardest job. Providing a healthy secure, safe, and fun atmosphere for a child to learn, grow and have a purpose in life along with the ability to respect others seems to be dwindling with every new decade.  I read that meeting relatives, family and friends are a easy way to find out your potential mates ability to be a good companion in a relationship. If someone doesn’t allow you to meet  there parents and are claiming they love you ect. Proceed with caution, behaviors not words speak the truth about how someone really feels about another.

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